Client testimonials

Client 5

I have spoken to Matthew and offered him the job which he has accepted. Thank you for finding the right person so quickly. Peter – Technical Director

Client 1

I will not be contacting anyone else about this requirement, so you have a clear runway. Stephen – Chief Technology Officer

Client 2

In an often candidate-driven market RDK Consulting have helped us to recruit a number of high calibre individuals. An excellent company that listen to my requirements and have delivered all that I have asked for. Martin - Infrastructure Services Manager

Client 3

Since I started using RDK Consulting over 5 years ago, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of service, and the quality of candidates. Romilly – Director

Client 4

Robin, you can therefore bill us as per our agreement. It has been a pleasure working with you on this assignment - Thank You! Clive - SVP HR & Recruitment

Candidate testimonials

Candidate 1

Robin provides a very professional and personable service, and genuinely cares about getting the right role for you. I recommend him highly! Giri – Java Development Lead

Candidate 5

Thanks to you for helping me throughout the process, I can’t wait to start! Trishul - SAP Business Technology Lead

Candidate 4

I wanted to thank you again for all the assistance you gave me. Moshe – Storage Engineer

Candidate 3

I am definitely looking forward to the new challenge ahead so thank you very much for putting me forward. I can see myself being here for some years to come so I am very pleased about that!! Gerry - Systems Administrator

Candidate 2

That is great, you are a lot better than the other recruiters I have spoken to 🙂 Jonathan - Support Engineer